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Learn more about YOUTH-Turn, a youth safety program sponsored by NOYS

YOUTH-Turn®, a program of National Organizations for Youth Safety®, is a resource focused on helping teens and young adults turn adversity into educational and constructive opportunities to prevent similar adversities from happening to someone else. 

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Tyler Presnell


Tyler Presnell took the brunt of a 70 mph crash into a telephone pole in a horrific crash at age 14 in Vancouver, Washington. Presnell survived and recently began to publicly talk about it. "I feel like I was kept alive to try to save people," he said. Presnell, who walks with a limp because his lower right leg is paralyzed and has survived 22 surgeries, says that surviving has turned him into a passionate preacher to teens, and he implores teens to speak up if a supposedly cool driver is driving dangerously.  Tyler also encourages teens to wear a seat belt (he was the only one of six in the car who didn't).  “I used to be angry and ask why God did this to me.  Now I ask why he’s blessed me with this.” 

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