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There is no other organization like NOYS.  It is the longest operating coalition of youth serving and youth membership organizations in America. NOYS youth leaders take their training, experiences, and energy back to their respective organizations to mobilize their peers to impact their schools and communities.

The diversity of NOYS membership organizations ensures that programs and events reach a range of youth populations that vary by race, income, gender, ability, and geographic locations. NOYS draws its membership from the full spectrum of national youth organizations in the U.S. that share the NOYS commitment to youth health and safety.

NOYS members have participated in numerous collaborative efforts and activities to address critical health and safety issues. Learn more about the many Youth Safety Resources sponsored by NOYS:

AT&T's The Last Text Documentary
Community Viewing Guide for The Last Text
Best Practices for Pledge Campaigns
Community Engagement Guide
Drowsy Driving Precautions
IKnowEverything Program - Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility
Make Your Parties Rock Substance Free
Speak Out and Make NOYS
Survive the Drive
Youth for Road Safety toolkit
Stop Bullying Infographic
MADD Needs You!  National Teen Influencer Group - Apply NOW!

NOYS Q&A: Youth ask the Expert

A new publication, "NOYS Q&A" was launched in June 2014 and features a youth interview of a prominent expert from the field of youth safety.

Emma Canfield, NOYS intern, recently caught up with Tim Hollister, author of "Not So Fast: Parenting Your Teen Through the Dangers of Driving." Emma and Tim covered a number of topics, from Graduated Drivers License laws and distracted driving to driver's ed programs.
"It's been found that 60% of teen crashes occur during the four-month span from May to August. That's because during these months there is more 'joy-riding,' which is multiple teens in a car with no particular reason to be in the car other than for recreation. This situation is where we see the most peer pressure, misconduct, and distracted driving," Tim explained.
Check out the rest of what Tim had to say! Download the interview. 

Pledge Campaigns

Pledge campaigns are a great way to involve your community and school in your cause.  Here is a great resource to start your own pledge campaign with ideas that we know work.

Best Practices for Pledge Campaigns

NOYS Community Engagement Guide

The electronic version of the
Community Engagement Guide! 

The NOYS Teen Distracted Driving Community Engagement Guide is a guide for communities raising awareness of teen distracted driving including best practices, tips and projects to address this issue with teens.

You can instantly view or download the electronic version of the Community Engagement Guide by clicking here

YOUTH-Turn® Toolkit

The YOUTH-Turn Toolkit provides resources to help youth turn adversity into action and create educational, sustainable, memorable, and engaging projects.

To request your free copy, submit your contact information and include Attn YT in the comment section.

Visit the YOUTH-Turn section of the NOYS website for more information.-->